Rethink urban life

Haleco – Collective and sustainable living in the heart of Montreal

A unique ecosystem for a conscientious community

Winner of C40’s international Reinventing Cities competition, Haleco is a real estate development project in which values of community, sustainability, and circular economy coexist. Converting a coveted space at the intersection of Montreal’s Old Port and Griffintown, this building of over 300 rental units will offer breathtaking views of the canal and a unique collective living environment.

The project

In the heart of Montreal’s effervescence

There is a palpable energy in Montreal. Located in one of its growing neighbourhoods, Haleco will coexist with the rich history of Old Montreal and the vibrancy of Griffintown. With its canal, bike paths, green spaces, stores, and renowned restaurants, there is no better place to fully appreciate Montreal’s effervescence. Although the site is easily accessible by public transit, bike, or car, there is no need to leave it to be fulfilled.

Coming in 2024

The community

A community united by its convictions

More than just a development project, Haleco aims to build a community in synergy with its values of sustainability and well-being. The building will allow its residents to live, work, and collaborate while drawing inspiration from the guiding principles of circular economy.

The development will provide a community space similar to a public market or a bazaar: a place where Montrealers can gather, enjoy themselves, and share the fundamentals of sustainability. With the potential of housing a variety of shops – for example, a zero waste grocery store, a bike repair center, restaurants, or an educational center – this plaza is at the heart of community life in Haleco.

The benefits

Urban life, imagined by Haleco

A responsible living environment

With its 31,442 square meters, Haleco strives to offer the necessary infrastructures to promote the well-being of its community and the planet.

An engaged community

Haleco invites Montrealers to actively participate in its mission: to build an engaged community that is committed to reducing our collective carbon footprint. Their contribution is essential to the transformation of our city.

A sustainable way of life

Based on an initiative for urban regeneration, the Haleco development has been designed with sustainability in mind. To reduce its environmental footprint, the building will meet the highest standards of energy conservation and water management. Its urban farm and its Fab Lab, a center for upcycling and repair, will promote a circular and local economy.

A rich urban biodiversity

Biodiversity and urban greening are central to the environmental values that guide the Haleco project. Its common green spaces, vegetable garden, fruit trees, pollinator garden, and adapted and native plantings, all accessible to the general public, will contribute to regenerating the area’s vegetation while providing the space for renewable and local food production.

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