An extraordinary artistic collaboration for the Haleco project in Montreal

Montreal, September 26, 2023 – Ivanhoé Cambridge, Cogir Immobilier, and Pomerleau are pleased to announce an innovative artistic collaboration with renowned artist Marc Séguin for the Haleco real estate development project in Montreal. This unprecedented partnership aims to create a stunning piece of urban art that will enhance the cityscape and represent a commitment to sustainable development.

For several months, we have been collaborating closely with Marc Séguin to develop a distinctive approach for the artwork that will adorn the facades of the Haleco project. Situated in a strategic location along the Robert-Bourassa axis, the artwork will be prominently visible from the Lachine Canal bike lanes and the St. Lawrence River. Additionally, motorists traveling along Robert-Bourassa Boulevard and the Bonaventure autoroute will also be able to admire the artwork.

“Our objective was to create a remarkable gathering space for the city of Montreal, while ensuring minimal environmental impact. When it came to involving an artist in our project, Marc Séguin was the ideal choice. His artwork perfectly aligns with our values ​​and the messages we aim to convey to the Montreal community. Séguin demonstrated unwavering commitment to our project and collaborated closely with all stakeholders involved. His exceptional contribution has brought our vision to fruition, and we anticipate that this artistic legacy will receive a warm welcome by the people of Montréal,” stated Maxime Frappier, design architect and representative of the architecture team comprised of ACDF and L’ŒUF ARCHITECTURE.

Marc Séguin – the artist – also shares his perspective on this unique collaboration, stating: “My inspiration is driven by the aspiration to redefine construction while remaining in harmony with sustainable development and resource preservation. In order to symbolize a community that has existed throughout civilizations since antiquity, I have chosen to incorporate a symbolic representation of a she-wolf. Additionally, the circular shape emphasizes the principles of the circular economy, a foundational pillar of the Haleco project, while serving as a central gathering point. This creation will act as a captivating gateway into and out of Montréal – creating a dramatic effect that sets it apart from the ordinary. It is essential to leave a mark on our surroundings by enhancing these urban landscapes where humans reside, as they truly deserve to be elevated. I hope my artwork can leave a lasting impression on both the neighborhood and the project’s core beliefs, infusing profound meaning and a vision for the future into this region.”

The project partners collectively view this proposal as an opportunity to create a truly iconic project for the city of Montreal.

“By creating inspiring spaces where art is showcased, we enhance our properties, the way they are experienced, and the quality of life of our occupants and visitors alike. Haleco symbolizes our commitment to innovation, by developing a harmonious and conscientious urban environment. This initiative is part of our strategy to create sustainable living spaces. Our vision can be summed up as follows: Embellish the city to enrich lives,” adds Annie Houle, Head of Canada at Ivanhoé Cambridge.

“The Haleco project represents a genuine transformation of urban living, owing to its remarkable blend of elements. In the heart of Montreal, an innovative, distinctive, and sustainable living environment is taking shape. The inclusion of a prominent artistic collaboration within the project aligns perfectly with our collective aspiration to elevate this site, which will undoubtedly become a symbol for the city. We are immensely proud of the endeavor,” stated Stéphane Côté, President – Major Projects Division at Cogir Immobilier. “Our goal is to create environments that bring people together and are accessible to all, from the green spaces to the commercial space, in order to foster a deep sense of community.”

“Haleco is a concrete demonstration of a new approach to construction. Our buildings can be both sustainable and unifying places for citizens. By collaborating with a Quebec artist on this project, we are strengthening our attachment to our community and our cultural heritage. As a builder, we’re delighted to be able to bring Marc Séguin’s artistic vision to life, so that his work can become a powerful symbol in our urban landscape, marking the collective action needed in the context of the climate crisis,” stated Pierre-Luc Dumas, Senior Vice-President of Infrastructure Development and Pre-Construction – Building at Pomerleau.

“I’m extremely proud to see this exceptional artistic collaboration take shape in our beautiful city of Montreal. The Haleco project represents a true innovation in sustainable development and the integration of art and architecture. I am grateful to Cogir Immobilier, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Pomerleau and Marc Séguin for their bold vision and commitment to a better quality of life for Montrealers. This project is a perfect demonstration of how creativity and commitment to the environment can transform our urban landscape. I can’t wait to see this unique new urban destination come to life, and to see the positive benefits it will bring to our community.” – Valérie Plante, Mayor of the City of Montreal.

The Haleco project is scheduled for delivery in 2024. Ivanhoé Cambridge, Cogir Immobilier, and Pomerleau are delighted to bring this extraordinary artistic collaboration to life and present the community with a distinctive urban destination. The Haleco project is targeting LEED® Platinum while pushing the boundaries of sustainable design.

About Haleco

Haleco is an innovative mixed-use real estate project that promises an urban lifestyle in harmony with its environment, where gathering and fulfillment go hand in hand, while we redefine sustainable real estate. Haleco will enable residents, workers, and visitors alike to draw inspiration from and apply the principles of community, inclusivity, circular economy, and sustainability to their daily lives, in the midst of a vibrant Montreal community.

Winner of C40’s international Reinventing Cities competition, Haleco is designed by ACDF Architecture and L’OEUF Architectes to enhance a coveted space at the intersection of the Old Port and Griffintown. The project is developed by Ivanhoé Cambridge, Cogir Immobilier and Pomerleau.

To learn more about the project, visit haleco.ca


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