At the heart of the Haleco project; a mutual commitment to building a sustainable future

The Haleco project

To preserve our planet, every action counts. Although we may sometimes doubt the effect of our individual action, it is when we join forces in a common project that our impact becomes much greater. This is precisely the objective of the Haleco project: to bring together and multiply everyone’s actions to promote sustainable development on a larger scale, within an engaged community. As part of this project, several hundred people gathered under the same roof will have the opportunity to amplify the scope of their actions and their eco-responsible values. In order to facilitate and support this collective dynamic, we have decided to implement a tenant charter.

This housing charter, designed to promote harmony, mutual respect and synergy within our community, suggests that each resident reduce their carbon footprint and adopt respectful practices of the environment. We aspire to create an environment where everyone feels invested in building a sustainable future and actively contributes to this common goal. The housing charter is thus one of the means we use to work as a community towards a shared objective.

Pillars of the Charter

At the heart of our project, we value living together and solidarity, with the ultimate goal of living in a true community. Joining Haleco means participating in a collective approach that celebrates inclusion, sharing of experiences and cooperation. Be ready to engage in a unique human adventure and to embody the change you want to see in the world.

Haleco transcends its nature as a simple real estate project by aspiring to become a real driver of low-emission urban revitalization carbon, positioning itself as a reference for the Montreal of tomorrow. The impact of our project is evaluated through the prestigious international competition Reinventing Cities</span >, a global initiative that encourages innovative and sustainable urban development projects in various cities around the world.

Our ambitious goal is to achieve the prestigious LEED Platinum certification, demonstrating the highest standards in energy efficiency, reducing resource consumption and choosing sustainable materials. We bring together merchants, residents and surrounding communities in a collective commitment to sustainability. At Haleco, we believe that building a sustainable future can only be done through the active participation of everyone. Join us and together become agents of change to build an environment where sustainability and community come together harmoniously.

A guide for everyone

By adopting this charter, we collectively commit to working towards the creation of an environment marked by ecological awareness and respect for the environment. By adhering to this charter, we also inspire others to follow suit and adopt responsible actions for future generations. Haleco is proud to join forces with its partners to reduce our ecological impact in a collective and meaningful way.

To find out more about the content of our charter and to actively participate in our approach, we invite you to join us on our social platforms (Facebook</span > and Instagram ). You will be able to react to it, share your ideas and exchange ideas with other members of our engaged community. If you prefer a more direct approach, do not hesitate to stop by the rental office where our team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with more information about our charter and the Haleco project.

Together we can make a difference for a sustainable future!

You can find the charter here