Art and sustainability: the artistic union of Marc Séguin and Haleco within sight of all Montrealers

Montreal is recognized throughout the world for its cultural vibrancy and this is what makes it rank each year in the rankings of the best cities in the world. Indeed, the city gives pride of place to artists of all kinds, in particular by giving them the opportunity to present their art on numerous building facades, offering Montrealers a public showcase for their creativity. Whether it is the mural representing Leonard Cohen by Gene Pendon and El Mac in Ville-Marie, or the Fluke mural in Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, the city is distinguished by its architecture which integrates the art, thus offering a unique urban experience in harmony with the surrounding structures. More recently, new works, designed by Marc Séguin, were integrated into the Haleco project, located at the junction between Griffintown and the Old Port of Montreal, the gateway to the city.

Marc Séguin, a Quebec artist recognized for his talent as an engraver and painter, is an essential figure in the art world in Quebec and France. His collaboration with the Haleco project makes him particularly proud, because of the civic values ​​he shares with the project. This is not the first time that Marc Séguin has participated in a project of such scale, since Haleco marks his fourth artistic intervention in public space. For him, this opportunity represents both a privilege and a challenge, because he approaches the public dimension of his art with passion and enthusiasm.

« The work is strategically placed at the entrance/exit of the city on the Robert-Bourassa axis in order to be visible both to cyclists and walkers on the Lachine Canal and to motorists. It represents a she-wolf surrounded by a crowd, symbolizing both gathering and a universal community since Antiquity. The two circles on two other facades symbolize an Earth floating in space, the Moon, the light of a lighthouse and the movement of the blades of a mill which once stood on the site.

-Marc Séguin, artist

Thanks to his artistic talent and his commitment to sustainable development, Marc Séguin will leave a significant imprint on the neighborhood and on the beliefs of the Haleco project. His work transforms the urban landscapes of Montreal while bringing a vision of the future to this space. By collaborating with partners aware of the importance of sustainability, Marc Séguin was able to convey a strong message about the values ​​carried by the Haleco project.

Renting an apartment within the Haleco project offers you the opportunity to admire the work of Marc Séguin on a daily basis, conveying both the feeling of union and a palpable reminder of commitment to sustainable development.

We invite you to discover this work for yourself, whether you are a tenant at Haleco or passing through to visit the premises. Join us and be part of a community that celebrates creativity, artistic expression and environmental awareness, offering an enriching experience for both Montrealers and residents of this innovative project.