An Eco-Responsible Community, Reflecting Its Residents: That's What Haleco Offers!

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Winner of the international Reinventing Cities competition by C40, the project Haleco offers a living environment based on deep convictions that reflect both the residents and their environmental ambitions. While stimulating the revitalization of the urban landscape, Haleco offers an open, inclusive living environment tailored to present needs. Each resident will thus be able to enjoy the facilities by participating in sustainable initiatives and a variety of services such as the community garden, common spaces, car-sharing, and more. The well-being of all is at the heart of our collective mission.

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Occupants will notably enjoy a community garden space within the building. In a spirit of collaboration and sharing, they will be able to exchange and learn about the principles of “urban agriculture.” It will be the perfect opportunity to taste fresh food grown at the foot of the building and also promote biodiversity!

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At the heart of the Haleco offering and the desire to foster the creation of a community, everyone will find several common areas available to residents for their daily activities. For the more active, a sports hall will be available to allow everyone to train or relax through a yoga session. Then, for more relaxing moments, residents will have access to a lounge where human connections will be natural and strong bonds will be formed.


In addition, building residents will have access to electric barbecues and a terrace on the 4th floor. This inviting space will please residents by offering an open and comfortable environment to enjoy the outdoors. With 57% of Haleco’s land area reserved for outdoor spaces, including 25% that will be vegetated, Haleco will certainly allow you to enjoy relaxing moments. The design of these living spaces has been conceived so that residents can benefit from their advantages such as stress reduction and relaxation. The inner courtyard completes the Haleco offering by providing an outdoor atmosphere while being sheltered from the weather.

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The Haleco offer also stands out through several building sustainability initiatives and the desire to obtain LEED Platinum certification. This is achieved through the integration of renewable energy policies, waste reduction, and efficient water management, in which each resident will be actively encouraged to participate. It is with this in mind that everyone will adhere to the Tenants’ Charter so that collectively, all live in an environment where eco-responsibility is a shared commitment.


Although the Haleco project is located at the intersection of the Griffintown and Old Montreal neighborhoods and several public transportation options are available, residents will also have access to shared electric vehicles for their travels. Living within the metropolis and no longer needing to own their car will allow residents to reduce their individual carbon footprint while having this option to meet their needs.

Haleco residents will enjoy a vibrant environment where the interests of some and the passions of others will intertwine to bring to life a rich and lively community. Be part of it now!