Efficient and responsible moving according to Haleco

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Moving is unfortunately often synonymous with a large amount of waste. Every year, in Montreal, more than 50,000 tons of waste are left in the streets after July 1st. Consequently, we believe that the key to successful responsible moving is planning!


In advance, it is very important to plan and sort out what you will take with you and what you will leave behind. Whether it’s household waste, bulky items, construction debris, appliances, or hazardous waste, there is a specific way to dispose of them. We strongly recommend taking the time to sort properly and inform yourself about available collections to dispose of your belongings responsibly.


It’s normal to have multiple residues and waste during a move, but it’s also interesting to try to give a second life to some of your items. To learn more about ways to repurpose the use of your articles, visit your city’s website! For example, you can exchange with your eco-center on the island of Montreal. These experts will be able to give you advice for your move. Moreover, thrift stores and charities are always great places to give a second life to your belongings.


Before your move, it’s the perfect time to contact a responsible transportation company. Fortunately, at Haleco, we offer units with six appliances, which drastically reduces your needs. Your environmental impact will be reduced because you can opt for a smaller vehicle that could even be hybrid or electric. Some organizations and vehicle rental companies also offer short-term rental services.


On your big day, we advise you to set aside single-use moving boxes as much as possible by reusing boxes from your friends or using backpacks and suitcases. Also, several box rental companies like Déménagement DMAX, UHaul, and GoBac exist. During your move, you’ll want to avoid possible breakage by packing your more fragile items. An alternative to using paper is to wrap them in sheets, towels, and even your clothes. Additionally, you can reduce your use of single-use plastic by preparing your own refreshments or meals in reusable containers.


After this often stressful but so satisfying day, we suggest using biodegradable and ecological cleaning products and paints like Armond paints, Domeco paints, and Attitude products. These will reduce your environmental footprint.


Finally, to take care of our planet, every action counts. Choosing environmentally conscious housing that encourages a reduced ecological footprint is a win-win for everyone. You will thus have a long-term effect on your living environment. Within Haleco, you will find a stimulating community that takes responsible and concrete actions every day.

Now that responsible moving has no more secrets for you, make an appointment with one of our agents today to get answers to all your questions.